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Since 2007, I have been operating my own electrical business, with specialization in the sourcing, repair, maintenance, set-up and sales of gym equipment, under the banner "Norton Gym Maintenance & Repair Services."

Over the past decade I have had exposure to the widest range of gym and fitness equipment and an equally vast array of companies offering health and wellness facilities, including Virgin Active on a frequent basis.

Prior to focusing on gym equipment repair & refurbishment, I Managed a team of electricians to assist companies comply with SANS 10142 electrical standard - supervising the install and maintenance technicians.

Based on extensive experience and work with clients like VWSA, I am able to
service or manage virtually anything electric and electronic and am able to work in teams and lead them.

Having worked in technical roles for international companies for well over 10 years, I fully understand the levels of quality and service excellence required. This applies particularly to the health and wellness sector where members of the public interact daily with equipment which is expected to be always on and in supreme condition.

While I have worked for more than two decades in the wider electronics sector, I have come to enjoy and specialize in gym equipment, the configuration, set-up and repair of which remains a challenge and passion.

I am a motivated, reliable and focused individual with a high work ethic, who is constantly looking for fresh challenges.

I believe in values and in valuing those with whom I work, while expecting from them the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency.

After returning to South Africa in 2007 having previously been employed by Royal Caribbean Cruises which is based in Miami U.S.A. I founded “Norton Electrical & Gym Repairs” cc.

Before that as a Technical Manager on R.C.L.’s Voyager Class vessels, my responsibilities included overseeing installs, setting up processes, training technicians, scheduling maintenance plans and overseeing the day to day running of a slot, arcade, gym and casino operation.

I am respected by my clients for my ability to find solutions to complex problems, efficient service and warm disposition, which I hope would be an asset to you and which would constitute ever stimulating chapter in my life.

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Experienced Marketing And Public Relations Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.
Skilled in Copywriting, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Media Relations.
Strong media and communication professional.

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